Whole Home Remodels

Whole Home Remodeling

Whole Home Renovations in the Fox Valley

You love your community, neighbors, and perfectly manicured lawn, but your family has outgrown your dated home. You need to increase and upgrade your living space, but that doesn't mean that you need to leave your beloved neighborhood! Consider a remodel. With a whole home remodel, you can expand your current floor plan to suit your needs and refresh your home's look and feel. It doesn't matter if you're dealing with a small, closed-off floor plan or some less than desirable design choices, we can help you create the home you want without moving. 

Is a Whole Home Remodel Right For Me?

Deciding to remodel your whole home is a big decision. Although it can be costly, you'll have the space that your family needs to be comfortable and can expect a great return on your investment if you ever choose to sell. If you still have some doubts about whether a whole home remodel is right for you, consider these questions:

  • Do you want to expand the size of your home?
  • Do you want to create a new layout to make your home more functional?
  • Do you want to age in place in your current home?
  • Do you want to replace outdated design features in your home like popcorn ceilings or worn carpet?
  • Do you want to make your home safer and more energy-efficient?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, a whole home remodel may be the right choice for your family.

Why Should You Remodel Your Fox Valley Home?

You love your Fox Valley home and the surrounding neighborhood, so why would you ever leave? With a whole home remodel, you don't have to! We can turn your small, outdated home into a spacious energy-efficient home tailored to your family's needs.

If your home feels like it's stuck in the 1970s, it may be time for a remodel. With a whole home remodel, you can incorporate your personality and lifestyle into the design. This means that you can select everything from the type of flooring to the stain on your ceiling beams. With a full home remodel, many homeowners choose to upgrade their home with special features like:

  • Energy Efficient Windows and Insulation
  •  Hardwood Floors
  • Over-sized Island or Walk-In Pantry
  • Custom Built-Ins
  • Fireplace
  • Freestanding Tub or Walk-In Shower
  • Tankless Hot Water Heater

All of these features will help to increase the value and level of comfort in your home.

If you're more concerned about the living space in your home, a whole home remodel will allow you to change up your layout to increase your square footage. This means that you can:

  • Create an open concept floor plan by removing unnecessary walls
  • Relocate your aging loved ones to the main level of your home
  • Change the location of any bedrooms
  • Increase your living space by turning your unused space into additional bedrooms or other spaces
  • Move your dedicated laundry room to the second floor of your home
  • Convert your attic into a bedroom or study

If you're looking to sell your home in the next year, a whole home remodel will improve the layout and appearance of the space for potential buyers. This will ensure a quick sale as buyers will be impressed with the fresh new look and modern features.

What Should You Consider Before Your Whole Home Remodel?

Before your starting your whole home remodel, there are a few things that you should consider including the:

  • Style. Do you want to have a home that is modern, traditional, rustic, transitional, or another style?
  • Space and Layout. Do you want to increase the space in your home or change the layout? Do you plan to age in place in your current home?
  • Functionality and Storage Needs. Do you want to add a new linen closet, pantry, or custom built-in cabinets to improve the functionality and storage in your existing home?
  • Kitchen Design. What style and materials do you want to have in your new kitchen? Do you want to include an oversized island or a walk-in pantry in the design?
  • Bathroom Design. What style and materials do you want to have in your bathrooms? Do you want to include a frameless walk-in shower, floating vanities, or radiant-heat flooring?
  • Lighting. What style and finish of lighting would go best with your other selections in your home? Do you want to have pendant lights, a chandelier, or something in between?
  • Appliances. What color and finish you would like to have? You can also save money on your utility bills by selecting Energy-Star Certified appliances.
  • Flooring. What kind of flooring do you want in your home? You'll want to think about the required maintenance and durability of each option.
  • Other Design Features. Do you want to incorporate a new fireplace, open shelving, or crown molding into your home's design?

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Have questions about your whole home remodeling project? We can help you learn more about our process and costs during a consultation. Schedule your home remodeling consultation today!

Your Dream Home Awaits!

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