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Ken Spears Construction is based in nearby Northern Illinois and services Dekalb.

Interestingly, DeKalb is known for its barbed wire and was a key product in DeKalb's history. Today's it's primary business base revolves around warehousing for large companies like Target, Néstles, and 3M.

Like Aurora, it too hosts one of the last theatres, Egyptian Theatre, which was built in 1929, and one of a handful of such theatres still in the United States. This gives its downtown an active main street. Living in DeKalb offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel with quick visits to shopping centers, dining, and entertainment areas of downtown DeKalb.

It also boasts unique access to a wide variety of outdoor recreation including parks, forest preserves, hiking, trails, golf, and more. Parks and recreations are abundant with 44 parks and recreation facilities.

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DeKalb Communities We Serve

  • Fairway Oaks
  • Fox Hollow
  • Greenwood Acres
  • River Mist
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Above and below are examples of our work for families in Dekalb, IL. The above photo shows the modern kitchen with uniform styling, marble counter-tops, in-cabinet lighting for that special effect. Below shows a new, open home office that brings in a ton of natural light and space to just get work done in a pleasant environment.

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A home redesign is an incredible way to enhance your home. A house makeover is one of the most challenging home improvement projects you can undertake due to its size and intricacy.

Considering the complexity of any home remodel project, it is one of the leading residential investments you'll take on. Planning is one of the most critical aspects of a home renovation. In truth, the project's success is determined by the quality of the early planning. Improper planning can cause extensive delays and costs.

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