How do windows insulate?

Have you heard of the term LowE? This is a film that is installed on the surface of one of the panes of glass. It gives that appearance of a very slight tint, compared to clear glass. This film helps keep the warm air inside in the winter, and will also let some heat transmitted [read more]

What are those spots on the roof after a frost?

Air sealing is one of the most significant energy efficiency improvements you can make to your home. Air sealing will not just reduce energy costs; it will also improve your home’s comfort and durability. Any air sealing efforts will complement your insulation efforts, and vice versa. Proper moisture control and ventilation strategies will improve the [read more]

Start by Dreaming Online

Where do you get your ideas for freshening up your home? Magazines are a great source, but lets face it, with all the pictures on the internet, it is hard not to get caught up in imagining what you could do to your home.  Two great sites for looking for home decorating or design ideas [read more]

It’s That Time of Year

It is that time of year when the leaves start falling and we get the fall rains. Depending on the trees in surrounding your home,in some cases the trees could even be your neighbors, this could cause your gutters to become full of debris. This causes gutters to overflow, leak at the seams, and could [read more]

Solar Heating and Hot Water

There are alternative ways to get hot water or to heat your home. Although the initial investment may give you a little sticker shock, there are incentives that are available through your state and the federal goverment. How does solar hot water heat work? Panels, usually on a roof trap the heat. There are tubes [read more]

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