Kitchen Remodeling in Geneva: What You Need to Know

If you’ve never tackled a kitchen remodel before, the task can be a little intimidating. There are lots of details to figure out and moving pieces to put in place in order to set up your project for success. The big question is, where should you start?

While each kitchen remodel will look a little different depending on the size and current condition of your space, as well as your remodeling goals, there are common steps you should follow to ensure a smooth, efficient process.

Steps in the Kitchen Remodel Process

Maybe you’ve been thinking about remodeling your kitchen in Northern Illinois for a while now and you know exactly what you want to accomplish. Maybe you’re just now realizing that the space no longer suits your family as well as it used to. Either way, here is a look at how to get the kitchen remodeling process started and what you can expect along the way:

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1. Setting Priorities for Your Kitchen Remodel

Before you can design plans for your kitchen remodel in Geneva, you have to clearly identify why you are considering the project in the first place. You may simply want a completely new kitchen style to make the space more modern or aligned with your changing tastes. On the other hand, you may be after a more dramatic transformation to make your kitchen more comfortable, convenient and functional. Start defining your project goals by asking yourself a series of questions. What do you like about your kitchen and what—specifically—would you like to change? Is it organized in a way that suits your lifestyle? Do you need more space, or to simply maximize use of the space that already exists? Do you want more light, better traffic flow or an entirely open concept? Are you looking to add counterspace or additional storage space? A successful kitchen remodel is one that finds the balance between form and function—how your kitchen looks and how it operates.

2. Gathering Remodeling Ideas

You might be one of those homeowners that say, “I’m not sure exactly what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it!” That’s pretty common, and it’s a good way to get started. If you’re looking for ideas about the things you need in your kitchen—or simply want to include in your upgrade—we invite you to browse through our Kitchen Remodeling Gallery. You may find inspiration that sparks your imagination and enables you to establish a refined vision for your project. Even if you don’t see exactly what you want, you can show examples to your designer as a starting point of what you would like and then make modifications during the design phase. You can also gather ideas and inspiration for your Northern Illinois remodel from Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV and other online sources.

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3. Establishing a Realistic Budget

It doesn’t make sense to plan a $100,000 kitchen remodel if your budget is more in the $30,000 to $50,000 range. Before you enter the design the phase, you need to establish a preliminary budget. How much can you spend on the kitchen renovation and how will you finance the project? From there, do some preliminary research into average kitchen remodeling costs for the Northern Illinois region.

One thing that can help you set a realistic budget for your project is to prioritize the things you need in your kitchen versus those you want. Try breaking down certain features and kitchen components into these categories:

  • Essentials. These are the “must-haves,” the features in your kitchen you absolutely need or want to have. Even if you have to compromise and do without other finishes or features on your list, you will definitely include these things in your plan.
  • Nice to Have. These are features that would add a nice touch to your upgrade kitchen if your budget allows. They may be conveniences or visual elements that you’d really like to have. You may also consider this category for items or renovations that could be easily added later.
  • If Money is No Object. These are elements and features that are simply fun, interesting and maybe even a bit luxurious. If you are able to cover the cost when the time comes, they would be desirable additions to the project, but their absence won’t affect your kitchen’s comfort and function.

A word of caution: Don’t budget too tightly. After you’ve researched relevant cost information for kitchen remodeling and figured out what it would take to cover the scope of work you desire, leave yourself a little “wiggle room” when creating your budget. Unexpected issues can arise during construction, or you may choose a material that doesn’t look right once you get it in your house—and the one that looks great is just a few dollars more.

4. Educating Yourself About the Process

It’s one thing to have strong ideas about how you want your kitchen to look and feel. It’s another to know how to go about communicating those ideas to your remodeler in a collaborative manner that moves the project forward. Having some familiarity with the kitchen remodeling process is a big help.

A simple way to get an overview of the kitchen renovation timeline and design process is by downloading our free Kitchen Design Guide. This eBook will lead you through the process of upgrading your kitchen by helping you understand your personal style and how to communicate it to your designer and your remodeling team in Northern Illinois. You’ll also discover what individual elements and features can collectively create the look you’re going for.

5. Developing Your Kitchen Remodeling Design

Beware of a remodeler who just plans to “wing it” when upgrading your kitchen. Great remodeling results don’t just happen by accident. They require careful planning, preparation and execution. That starts by having a solid design plan. Using the research and reflection you’ve done about kitchen remodeling costs and your project priorities, you can start developing detailed plans with the assistance of a professional remodeler. This process generally involves back-and-forth conversations with your designer about every detail of your vision, from the layout and placement of major kitchen components to the materials and finishes you want. Only once these specifications are made can you get an exact quote and timeline for construction.

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6. Selecting the Right Home Remodeler in Geneva

One common frustration many Northern Illinois homeowners experience is a disconnect between the designer and the builder. Even with plans in hand, a builder may not understand exactly what the designer had in mind. Sometimes the designer creates a plan that the builder can’t complete—or at least, not within the determined budget. When these situations arise, you are left tracking down missing information from the designer or even having to alter the plans completely to fit your price range. That’s where working with a design-build remodeler such as Ken Spears Construction is a significant advantage. The designer and the builder are on the same team, working under the umbrella of a single company. Nothing falls through the cracks and there is no finger-pointing should issues come up. Instead, your remodeling team members work together to find an effective solution to keep your project moving forward. Here’s a helpful article that provides more detail about the design-build process and how it benefits you as the homeowner.

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Remodeling Your Kitchen in Northern Illinois

Remodeling your kitchen is a major undertaking and there will be other details to address that are unique to your particular project in Northern Illinois. However, if you start with these essentials, they will take you a long way toward getting what you really want out of your new kitchen. After that, our team at Ken Spears can help you navigate the rest of the journey with our high-level design and construction services that allows us to communicate and collaborate with you from the start of your project to the final walk-through.

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