Energy Efficient Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Home remodeling is our passion and providing solutions to our clients is our mission. When clients are aiming to achieve an energy-efficient kitchen, we deliver with creative and innovative designs that work for their space. Energy efficiency is easier on the budget and is a great way to be eco-friendly.

The kitchen is where families use the largest amount of energy in their home.  We run water as we wash dishes, use the refrigerator to keep our food safe, the stove and oven to cook, the microwave to warm food and the dishwasher for big loads. We also use lighting throughout the day as it is one of the busiest areas of the home.

Reducing energy use in the kitchen is a great way to use energy more efficiently. While you’re looking for a change in the room where your family gathers for dinner, take the opportunity to reduce your energy costs. Here are inspiring ideas for energy-efficient kitchen remodeling.  

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Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting your room with LED bulbs is a great way to save money and energy. They last longer than other bulbs and are available in several hues, and they also give off less heat than traditional bulbs.

Dimmer switches can help you set the right mood in your kitchen and help you control energy use. You can also cut down on lighting by letting in natural light with new windows or removing things that obstruct natural light.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help lower your energy bill. Not only do they help cool the house in the summer, but they can also be used to move the warm air around to lower heating costs.


Older appliances can use a considerable amount of energy. Upgrading to newer models can help you to be more energy efficient. Energy Star® appliances use less energy resulting in lower energy bills and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  

These appliances are 25% more energy efficient than federal standards for energy consumption. When you choose these appliances, you know that they meet the criteria set by the U.S Department of Energy. As a bonus, some states and utility companies offer rebates when you purchase Energy Star® appliances.

To conserve energy and water, choose a dishwasher that has a quick-wash or energy-saving cycle. These wash cycles run for a shorter period than the normal wash cycle. 

Late-model refrigerators use the newest technology and improved insulation and are 75% more energy efficient than those made in 2000. Freezer top refrigerators use up to 25% less energy than side-by-side models. If the fridge you are using cannot be replaced at this time, consider replacing the seals. Shut a piece of notebook paper in the door and if it slips out, your seals need to be replaced. Check your windows as well, as you could be losing heat or cool air from worn-down weather stripping.  


Energy-efficient flooring that heats from below helps to evenly heat the home and requires less energy. Another option is to insulate your floors, saving you up to 10% on your energy costs. For a modern look that is also efficient, choose concrete flooring. It’s extremely durable and can be stained to get the look that you desire.


Energy efficient kitchen sink faucets put out about 1.5 gallons of water per minute, cutting your usage by 30%. This is a relatively inexpensive way to conserve water.


The U.S. Department of Energy offers energy performance ratings to help you make the right choice when replacing your windows. Using Energy Star rated windows can keep your furnishings safe from sun damage. Remember to mind your window coverings, keeping them open during the winter to harness the warmth of the sun to heat your home. In the summer,  keep them closed to keep the heat out.

Go Eco-Friendly

If you’re looking to help save the environment there are other ways you can go eco-friendly when remodeling, including:

  • Countertops in bamboo, quartz, or concrete
  • Floors in bamboo or sustainably sourced hardwood
  • Recycled cabinetry

Remodeling your kitchen is a worthwhile endeavor, especially when it’s done focusing on energy efficiency. But you must have an experienced home remodeler on the job like Ken Spears Construction. An energy efficient kitchen also helps to increase the value of your home.  

For quality home renovations in DeKalb and Kane County, performed by a dependable and professional remodeling company trust the experts at Ken Spears Construction.

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