Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Cabinet Design, Finish and Hardware for Your Bathroom

When you’re looking to make a change in your bathroom, it’s essential to consider every element of the bathroom redesign. One of those essential elements of a bathroom design is cabinetry. There is so much to consider, sufficient storage, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. If it all seems overwhelming, Ken Spears Construction is here to guide you through the process and detail all of your bathroom cabinet options. 

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Assess Your Needs

Think about the purpose the bathroom serves. Is this a master bathroom or a guest bathroom? How do you use the space currently, and how is it working for you? 

Are you a collector of bath bombs and body washes? Do you need a complete setup for the makeup application? You will need more storage for makeup and all the tools required. 

List the elements you would like to add to the bathroom. Inventory the items you need to store in your bathroom. These notes will help determine the depth of cabinets, the direction the doors should swing, and more. 

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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Cabinet Design


Bathroom cabinets must be able to sustain in a humid, wet environment. With that in mind, wood veneers, laminates, and thermofoil are the best choices. If you decide to choose wood, it must be sealed and lacquered. High-quality cabinets are constructed from ½ inch to ¾ inch plywood or hardwood on sides and 5/8-inch drawers. You can choose from stock cabinets, semi-custom, or custom options. 

Consider Your Storage Needs

If you’re low on space in your bathroom, hanging vanities are the best choice. Bathroom cabinets are now available with dividers in the drawers, trays for cosmetics, and room for appliances. Consider how your family uses the bathroom and make notes to share with your remodeling team. 

Types of Bathroom Cabinet Designs Available

Open-Shelf Cabinets

Use open-shelf cabinets for bathroom toiletries and décor. These shelf units offer storage and appear to be open. These are perfect for the area surrounding the vanity sink or above the shower head. 

Furniture Cabinets

These cabinets have legs and open shelves for storage and display. There are contemporary styles and traditional ornate styles available. This is a wonderful way to customize your bathroom, putting in your own personal style. 

Sink Compatible Cabinets

These cabinets accommodate the sink, with no drawers and solid panels. If you have other storage options in the bathroom, this may be an excellent choice. 

Placement of Your Bathroom Cabinets

Location matters. All space in the bathroom is valuable, so when you’re choosing cabinets, be sure that:

  • The cabinet doesn’t interrupt the flow in the bathroom
  • All doors can open without hitting the cabinets
  • The cabinet is placed where it can use the existing plumbing

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Options for Bathroom Cabinet Finishes

When choosing your bathroom cabinets, you can choose to let the beauty of the would stay on display or use design techniques to enhance their appearance using:


Lighter stains highlight the natural grain in the wood, and darker stains can be used to make a big statement. 


When you want to get creative and make a more custom look, paint allows you to choose from many color choices. Depending on the color and application, you can cover the grain or allow the grain to show. 


This semi-transparent color goes over the paint or stain and adds definition. Glazes darken the color, offering a richer look. 

Distressing and Antiquing 

Create a look of aged wood by distressing or antiquing the cabinets. 

Before choosing the material or stain, take a sample home and live with it in your bathroom. Take a chance to look at it in both artificial and natural light. 

Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

There is a large variety of hardware options available that can complete the look of your bathroom design. 

Hardware Finish

Depending on the other elements in your bathroom, you can opt for brass, bronze, nickel, or chrome. Choose hardware that matches or complements your plumbing fixtures. 

Hardware Size

To complete the look of your oversized cabinets long pulls or substantial knobs of 1 ½ inch or more are best. Average-sized cabinetry needs only four-inch pulls and one-inch knobs. You don’t have to place your pulls and knobs in a traditional format. Before permanently installing them, get creative and play with the placement. 

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You Can Depend on Ken Spears Construction

The remodeling process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Enjoy choosing your cabinet design, finish, and hardware. After all, it will all culminate in you having the bathroom of your dreams

And when you decide to work with Ken Spears Construction, you know you’re partnering with a professional and trusted company that has been remodeling homes in DeKalb County for nearly fifty years. Call Ken Spears Construction at 815-756-9779 or request your consultation to discuss your cabinet options and remodeling project. We will help you transform your space with aesthetics, form, function, and storage needs in mind. 

Greg Spears

Greg is the President as well as the production coordinator for Ken Spears Construction and loves helping others improve their lives and space with modern, beautiful spaces. Some of his favorite home construction memories include all of the different people he’s gotten to work with throughout the years.

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