How Much Does a Whole Home Remodel Cost in DeKalb?

Is your home looking about 20 years past its prime? Are you ready to renovate it all and start with a fresh slate? A whole-home remodel might be just the ticket for your DeKalb home. The price you pay depends on how much work you put in.

If you’re hoping to put a fresh face on a similar layout, you’ll often pay less than if you go for the most luxurious designs. Visit our gallery to dream about what your home could become.

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Midrange Whole Home Remodel

A midrange whole home remodel begins with a layout that works well for you but looks dated. By avoiding a complete redesign, you can keep some of the existing components, like cabinet boxes in the kitchen. Most projects assume a typical square-footage for the room. For example, the average midrange bathroom is 5’ x 7’, with 200 square feet for the kitchen. Here are some estimates based on the specific project:

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel: $29,543
  • Bath Remodel: $27,480
  • Vinyl Window Replacement: $20,868
  • Asphalt Roofing Replacement: $30,543
  • Siding Replacement: $19,837

The total cost for these projects is $128,271. You may pay more if you select upscale materials, if you have a bigger home, or if you need to remodel more than one bathroom. The expected increase in resale value is $82,526, or 64.3 percent of what you put in.

Remodeling Costs In Illinois [Free PDF]

Upscale Whole Home Remodel

When you look at the difference between a minor or midrange remodel and an upscale project, there’s an obvious jump in cost. In most cases, this difference indicates a significant change in design. For example, a midrange bathroom remodel will keep the 35 square-foot size, while an upscale bathroom renovation expands it to 100 square feet.

An upscale kitchen remodel starts fresh with all new components and professional-grade appliances. You’ll also see distinctions in material choice, such as stone instead of laminate countertops, and a metal roof instead of asphalt. Here’s how the numbers break down by the project:

  • Major Kitchen Remodel: $158,638
  • Bath Remodel: $81,857
  • Wood Window Replacement: $24,484
  • Metal Roofing Replacement: $47,940
  • Siding Replacement: $19,837

The total expense for these upscale projects is $332,756. The average return in resale value for the total is 44.5 percent, or $148,271.

What Will I Pay?

Although these prices are drawn from actual projects from the Chicago metro area, it’s likely that you’ll get different estimates. Cost is based on the unique features of your home, like the square footage and the upgrades you select.

You might decide to go all-out for the master bathroom, kitchen or roof, but keep everything else in the midrange. These numbers are just intended to give you a ballpark that helps you plan out a budget.

Your Satisfaction Is Key

No matter what you plan to do for your whole home remodeling project, being pleased with the results is the primary goal. It can take some negotiation to make sure that your contractor knows your style and your priorities for the space. It helps if you work with a design-build remodeler like Ken Spears. With a team of designers and builders, you can rest assured that your dream design will get to the builders in a clear format that everyone can understand.

Specific averages come from the Chicago metro area. Prices may vary based on materials and options you choose for your DeKalb home, but it is a good place to start.

The prices for all of these home improvement projects come from the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report ( © 2020 Hanley Wood Media Inc. Full descriptions and data from the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report are free to download at 

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