Best Kitchen Design Trends of 2021

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting endeavor! Not only will a remodel make your kitchen more functional, but you’ll also be able to make it feel more modern. This summer or fall, upgrade your kitchen in all the latest trends. In this blog, we review some of the most attractive features we’ve seen so far this year. Whether you’re completing a full remodel or performing a small-scale upgrade, we think you’ll like what’s happening in kitchens in 2021.

Colorful Backsplashes

Colorful Backsplashes for your Kane County remodel

Kitchens have been decorated in predominantly neutral colors for years. Now, homeowners are adding small pops of color in their kitchen, starting with the backsplash. Work with a contractor to install a colorful tile backsplash or a backsplash made from a unique material, like a large slab of granite or marble. Colorful walls create a centerpiece in the room and give visitors something to focus on when they walk into your kitchen.

Calacatta Marble

Marble Countertops for your kitchen remodel

Calacatta marble is recognizable for its large, prominent veins in light or dark gray. Homeowners have been in love with natural stone for years, but until recently, granite was the preferred material. Calacatta marble is gaining attention because of its dynamic veining and bold patterns, which can add organic appeal to any kitchen.

White-Washed Brick

white kitchen remodel

Subway tiles were all the rage just a few years ago, but homeowners who are burned out on subway tiles are now turning to white-washed brick for an attractive and unique backsplash. Though brick is not that different from subway tiles, its rugged and irregular shape lends it a rustic beauty and architectural appeal at the same time.

Shades of Turquoise and Aqua

Colorful Backsplashes for your Kane County remodel

For many years, an all-white kitchen has been the way to go. Now we’re starting to see more color infused into the designs. Not just any color, but shades of turquoise, aqua, and other similar shades are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want subtle color.

Mix and Match Metals

Mixed metals in your kitchen remodel

Homeowners attracted to a modern industrial aesthetic now turn to different types of metals to give their kitchen visual appeal. Mixing and matching metal types is becoming common. Brass, copper and oil rubbed bronze don’t quite match, but they don’t clash either. When placed together in one space, these three types of metals seem to complement one another.

Hidden Appliances

Hide your appliances with custom cabinets or an island

Some of your appliances really aren’t that attractive. This may be why so many homeowners are hiding their appliances behind cabinet doors. With the right cabinet door, you can make any appliance, from the refrigerator to the dishwasher, disappear. Work with your contractor to create custom cabinet doors to hide your appliances.

Double Islands

dual kitchen island

Homeowners are crazy about counter space and cabinet space. They love kitchen islands because islands are a source of both. Just a few years ago, a kitchen island was a must-have feature in any remodeled kitchen. Now, double islands are all the rage. One island is dedicated to food prep, the other island is a place where guests and members of the household can sit and eat.

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