4 Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Sycamore Home

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Next to kitchens the most popular room in a home to remodel is the bathroom. In fact, those two rooms have run neck and neck for years as the rooms more homeowners remodel than any other. But just what should you try to accomplish when renovating your bathroom? Let’s take a look at 4 bathroom design ideas for your Sycamore home that can have maximum impact.

What Kind of Bathroom?

The first thing to consider is what kind of bathroom you want to update. There’s a big difference (in size, scope, complexity, and cost) between a small powder room, a guest bathroom, and the bathroom in a Master Suite.

Putting Some “Pow” in Your Powder Room

Don’t let the small size of a powder room diminish the impact this space has in your home. When you think about it for a moment, it’s going to be one of the most used rooms in your house—by guests and family.

Because of its small size—and because it exists as a room all by itself—you can have a lot of fun with it and not worry about it matching the flow of the rest of the house.

That means you could opt to go for a sleek and modern look in your Powder Room—along the lines of this remodel we did recently.

The clean lines of the counter, sink, and even the hardware and lights create a bright and welcoming environment. fun with it and not worry about it matching the flow of the rest of the house.

At the same time, you could go in a completely different direction with warm woods and darker walls to create a cozy and inviting space.

You might even want to use a piece of antique furniture with a custom sink instead of a traditional cabinet to create a unique look with lots of character. It’s up to you!

Pow in Powder Room

Make Your Guests Feel at Home

What can you do if it’s your guest bathroom (or the kids’ bathroom) that needs remodeling?

guest bath remodel

Often, guest bathrooms aren’t overly large. And in many homes, they are originally created with builder-grade fixtures that are functional but can be a bit boring.

Here’s a look at a guest bathroom we remodeled that maximizes the space available in a smaller bath.

The hanging cabinet above the commode takes advantage of available space to provide additional storage space—and even provides a bit of space for decoration. 

The wood cabinets add a nice touch of color and warmth, while the countertop and sink have a clean, modern look.

This is a simple, but clean and inviting look for a guest bathroom—or for the kids.

Mastering the Master Bathroom

When it comes to the Master Bathroom in your Sycamore home, it’s a whole different game. This is the room you use to get ready for your day every day. It’s also where you wind down and wrap up your day before heading to bed at night. That means you’ll want to build in comfort, convenience, and maybe even a touch of luxury.

Here’s a bathroom we recently did that incorporates dual sinks to more convenient and comfortable for getting ready for work in the morning or for getting ready for bed at night.

master bath reno

Not having to jockey for position at the sink reduced a lot of stress. Twin cabinet space also makes it convenient since each of you has whatever he or she needs right at hand. And notice how even small spaces are utilized for storage of towels and other items—in addition to breaking up the space between the sinks and the commode.

On top of that, the lighting (featuring both task lighting and ambient lighting) and the backsplash make this a warm and welcoming space.

Special Features

When designing your Master Bathroom you’ll also want to pay attention to special features.  For instance, the new shower shown here is a great element for a redesigned Master Bath. The roomy shower is a step-in shower and includes a built-in seat—making it a shower that provides easy access for homeowners of all ages. There are also convenient built-in storage spaces for soap, shampoo, or even a loofah.

The stone backsplash gives this shower a feeling of substance

One trend that’s been growing over the past few years is adding a steam option to showers. That means no more waiting for the shower to heat up before stepping in on those cold Sycamore winter days.

Other homeowners are opting for heated flooring to make their Master Baths even more enjoyable., warmth, and interest. There’s no need for a boring shower!  You’ll also note that the shower is well lit, which adds to the comfort.

If you have the space—and the inclination—you might also want to add a soaking tub to your Master Bathroom.

They have become increasingly popular and are a nice way to add a touch of luxury to your room.

Bathroom Special Features

We invite you to click here to take a closer look at these—and other—bathrooms we’ve remodeled in the area. These images may give you ideas for changes you’d like to make to your Sycamore-area home.

Greg Spears

Greg is the President as well as the production coordinator for Ken Spears Construction and loves helping others improve their lives and space with modern, beautiful spaces. Some of his favorite home construction memories include all of the different people he’s gotten to work with throughout the years.

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