How Much Does a Home Addition Cost in DeKalb?

A room addition often makes the difference between a home that fits your life and one that makes you miserable. If you’re thinking that you may have to sell your house in DeKalb to find one that meets your needs, a home addition might be a great solution that gives you exactly what you want.

Check out this helpful article to decide if a second-story addition is a good choice for your family. Since an addition is a bigger project than remodeling an existing space, it usually costs more. Your exact estimate depends on the size and the features you choose. Here are a few home additions you can use to help you get a sense for the price.

Bathroom Addition Cost

A midrange bathroom addition is 6’ x 8’, slightly larger than the 5’ x 7’ estimates given for a remodel. In this size, you’ll get a tub-shower combination in fiberglass, with a surround made of ceramic tile. It features a single sink with a vanity top made of cultured stone. This style offers a medicine cabinet, linen storage and a ceramic tile floor. The midrange cost is $62,546. You’ll get about $33,220 of that in a resale value increase, which is 53.1 percent.

Taking your bathroom addition to an upscale level creates a sense of luxury. In 100 square feet, this design offers a recessed shower and a freestanding tub. Two sinks sit under a stone countertop and two medicine cabinets. A separate toilet and radiant heating under the floor completes the package. The upscale price is $111,955. With a 53.1 percent increase in resale value, that translates into a return of $59,437.

Master Suite Addition Cost

A midrange master suite addition starts with a 24’ x 16’ space built over a crawlspace. With this style of addition, you get a comfortable, carpeted sleeping area, a walk-in closet and dressing area. The bathroom has tile flooring, a freestanding tub and separate shower. The estimate for a midrange project is $168,345. Average return is 49.9 percent, or $83,925.

If you opt for an upscale design, you’ll get a larger size and luxurious features. An upscale master suite addition builds a 32’ x 20’ space, large enough for a sleeping area, sitting area, built-in storage, a walk-in closet and a luxury master bathroom. The bedroom offers a fireplace and French doors. The bathroom features a dual shower and one-piece toilet. An upscale master suite addition costs $342,098. You can expect an increase of $155,429 in resale value, or 45.4%.

What’s My Estimate?

Putting together an estimate for your DeKalb home addition takes a careful consideration of your home, your needs and wants. These figures help you paint a picture of the prices you will pay for common sizes and popular upgrades.

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Making a Home Addition Yours

It’s your money and your house, so you deserve to get exactly what you want. Having the perfect design in your head is only the first step. You also need to be able to communicate it to your contractor, with no important details lost in the process. This is why it is crucial to work with a design-build remodeler such as Ken Spears. Our full-service remodeling team can help you create a design you’ll love, then carry it out precisely to your specifications.

These estimates come from finished projects in the Chicago metro area. You’ll see variations based on size and materials, but you can use it as a jumping-off-point. For more details and data, you can download the download the entire Cost vs. Value Report for free at 

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