Small Bathroom Remodels

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Although it’s a room born of necessity, your bathroom is also a personal and private space that offers relaxation. When dealing with a small bathroom in your home, you may feel cramped. Be it your master bathroom, kids’ bathroom, or guest bathroom, those who use the bathroom should be able to move around easily. You should also have all of the storage you need. These qualities are often missing in a small bathroom. But a small bathroom remodel can turn this around for you, improving your family’s quality of life and increasing the value of your home.

Ken Spears Construction helps families in the DeKalb and Kane County areas execute the perfect design plan for their small bathrooms. We’ve been able to deliver custom bathroom designs that suit their practical needs and personal styles. 

Before calling, consider these questions to help us get your consultation and design plan started:

  • Who uses this bathroom? Is this a master bathroom, guest bathroom, kids’ bathroom? Are there any mobility issues we should keep in mind?
  • How many people use the bathroom? Will you need two sinks?
  • Does this space need a shower or bath? If so, consider if you would like a spa shower or combined shower and tub?
  • How much storage will you need? Do you need to store medications, linens, and toiletries in the bathroom, or is there a closet nearby?
  • What is your target completion date of your bathroom remodel? This information will help us determine your start and completion date as we plan the project timeline.

Why Choose Ken Spears Construction?

  • Ken Spears offers full-service remodeling handling all design considerations and renovation work. Working with us ensures consistency throughout the remodeling process. For more information on the Ken Spears remodeling process, please visit our website.
  • Our professional team provides personal service, working with you to get to know your needs and communicating with you along the way. Our creative and expert design team can deliver effective and custom solutions and beautiful spaces. 
  • We are fully insured and licensed, employing only qualified teams to complete your project. 
  • We keep your job site clean during the project and after completion.
  • We only use high-quality products and components and have established relationships with vendors.

Let’s Get Your Small Bathroom Renovation Started

With over four decades of bathroom remodeling experience, we have learned to solve storage and space problems, incorporate our client’s style, and work within a budget. We have a fine-tuned process that begins with learning about your vision and culminates with our final walk-through of your expertly completed project. We understand that the thought of renovating your small bathroom can be overwhelming, but we can help to make it less stressful.  Our team is adept at listening to your needs and desires and marrying them with design techniques to offer functionality and comfort.

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Small Bathroom Designs

Half Bathroom / Powder Rooms

Guests often use these bathrooms. It’s important that the room is attractive while being practical. We can adjust using borrowed space from nearby rooms or redesign the layout of the room itself to accomplish your goals.

Full Guest Bathroom / Kids Bathroom / Jack & Jill Bathroom

Guests and children commonly use these bathrooms. Full bathrooms should utilize durable materials as they get a lot of wear. When the kids are the primary bathroom users, we can design a space that will work with their growing needs. 

Master Bathroom

Maybe your primary bathroom is the small bathroom you wish to remodel. Your master bathroom should be your haven of peace. Ken Spears Construction can help you create the beautiful master bathroom you need by either adding on to the existing space or working within the area with better design options to work with the size of the room. 

Several Design Options Available

There are so many ways to design the bathroom that works for you. We can customize the space with the choice of bathtub, cabinets, mirrors, shower, fixtures, and other design elements that speak to you. We can also choose different task and ambient lighting to ensure you have adequate lighting and the look you desire.

If you’re looking to brighten or darken the space, take it modern or enhance the traditional look, or update it to energy-efficient products, Ken Spears Construction has the options you need.

Upgrade Your Small Bathroom Today!

We invite you to read what our clients have to say, review our design portfolio, and then call us at 815-756-9779 or click here for your in-house consultation.

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