Storage Solutions to Consider During a Kitchen Remodel

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When considering your kitchen remodel, it’s essential to incorporate ample storage space. When everything has a place, the area remains uncluttered. Begin by decluttering and assessing the things you will use in your new kitchen. 

Donate or throw out broken or unneeded items. Then think of your current issues with storage in the space. Are your countertops being taken over by small appliances? 

Does it seem that your drawers and cabinets are overflowing with gadgets? Do you have enough pantry space? Take notes and have them ready when meeting with your kitchen remodeling contractor.

Customized organization solution is an example of the kind of specialized remodeling service Ken Spears Construction Offers. We help you narrow down your needs and wants and help you realize the kitchen of your dream. Here our professionals share storage solutions to consider during a kitchen remodel.

Dishware Drawer

Have storage drawers installed instead of storing your bowls and plates in a cabinet above your head.

Keep Items Close

If your new design includes an island with a cooktop, use drawers to keep your cooking utensils and seasonings.

Use Dividers and Inserts

Drawer dividers and inserts are a great way to store pot and pan lids and Tupperware tops. These jewels can turn your junk drawer into a haven of organization.

Take to the Walls

Instead of using a countertop knife set, install a magnetic knife strip.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Don’t forget accessories when you want to warm the kitchen and add interest. Open shelving can display your accessories or attractive dishware. Use a few open shelves with traditional cabinets to mix things up.

Take Full Advantage of Your Island

Your island isn’t just a great place for cooking or food prep. It can also provide storage for wine racks and small appliances. Install built-in appliances like a microwave drawer or install the microwave under the vent above the oven.

Keep the Trash Hidden

Consider a pullout trash can. You’ll be able to access it quickly, but it won’t intrude on the look of your kitchen or stink up your space.

Customized Walk-In Pantry

Perishables and small appliances can take up a lot of space on countertops and kitchen cabinets. With a walk-in pantry, you will be able to easily store and retrieve groceries and small appliances when you need them. When setting up your pantry, use glass canisters, baskets, and storage racks to organize everything.

Utility Closet

A utility closet is a great place to keep the cleaning supplies and tools nearby but still out of the way.


Use pullout inserts in cabinets to make the items you’ve stored easily accessible. Say goodbye to bending over and reaching into the cabinet to get what you need. Don’t forget those corner cabinets; add a lazy Susan.

Toe Kick Drawers

Store your baking sheets and cutting boards in a toe kick drawer. These narrow drawers occupy the space under the cabinet and above the floor.

Deep Drawers

Consider trading out cabinets for drawers. They are perfect for small appliances, cookware, kitchen gadgets, and dishware.

Shelving Size

Consider what goes into your pantry and cabinets. Make sure that there is space between shelves for tall items like cereal boxes. Also, consider the depth of your cabinets and shelving.

Put Your Backsplash to Work

Place your spice rack behind your backsplash with sliding panels.

Built-In Dish Rack

Instead of placing a dish rack on your beautiful new countertops, consider building a custom dish rack between the sink and the backsplash.

Sponge & Stopper Drawer

A flip-out sponge and kitchen sink stopper drawer can help you keep the clutter off of the sink and countertop.

Be Practical

Your kitchen should be functional and designed for the way you and your family live. When you know that everyone will charge their phones and other devices in the space, set up a charging station in a drawer, install bars and hooks for towels, hot holders, and keys in convenient areas.

Partner with Ken Spears for Your Kitchen Remodel!

Make sure your new kitchen space is enjoyable and functional. Ken Spears Construction can help you achieve a clutter-free, efficient, and attractive kitchen remodel that will add value to your home and the lives of your entire family. Our professionals are experts at kitchen remodeling. We will walk you through every step of the remodeling process, incorporating organizational solutions into the design. Check out our reviews and our kitchen remodel portfolio. Then get in touch with us to start your kitchen remodel today!

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