Selecting Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen forms the heart of each home, but it sees plenty of wear and tear over the years thanks to its essential functions. With everyone gathering together in the kitchen at the end of a long day, you don’t want a leaky sink or a stained countertop to become a distraction. Remodeling your kitchen is the best way to keep it beautiful and functional throughout the years. But you’ll want to make sure to choose materials that will be durable and long lasting. Learn more about selecting the perfect materials for your Kane County kitchen remodel

Flooring Decisions

flooring options for kitchen remodel

Start from the bottom up by selecting a flooring material for your kitchen first. Stick to materials that won’t absorb spilled water or food, so steer away from carpet, cork, or real hardwood. Engineered wood, vinyl, ceramic and stone tile, and linoleum are all good options. Tile is the top choice, especially glazed porcelain or ceramic tile, because it’s the least porous material. Vinyl is the next best option, especially in solid sheets or planks that minimize seams. Engineered wood is usually better than real wood due to its sealed surface, but this is only true for brands designed to handle moisture.

Backsplash Tile Designs

kitchen backsplash tile options for your kitchen remodel

Backsplashes are traditionally made with a decorative ceramic tile to protect the wall behind the stove and sink from damage. However, you’re not constrained to ceramic for this part of the kitchen remodel. Consider a wide range of materials like:

  • Sheets of polished or stamped metal, such as antique tin ceiling tiles, for a tough but beautiful backsplash
  • Unusual tiles like pebbles, interlocking animal shapes, or long and narrow pieces aligned in a starburst pattern
  • Mirrors and mirrored tiles to reflect light and make a small kitchen feel larger
  • Slabs of natural stone like marble or granite, usually cut from the same material used for the countertops
  • Panels of epoxy featuring swirls of bright colors, flakes of metal, glitter, or even items like coins or coffee beans.

Countertop Choices

kitchen countertop options for your kitchen remodel

While every kitchen remodel looks great if it includes luxurious marble countertops, it’s not the best fit for every space. Other natural stone materials like quartz, granite, and even slate may work better by offering more stain and moisture resistance. Poured concrete or epoxy countertops are affordable, easily customized by local manufacturers, and offer unique and eclectic looks for homeowners that want to make a statement. Ceramic tiles work great as countertops too, but for a seamless surface that minimizes cleaning, try a solid steel countertop.

Cabinet Materials

kitchen cabinet options for your remodel

Fiberboard and plywood are commonly used for affordable cabinets, but they’re far from the best materials for a high-end kitchen remodel. Solid hardwood cabinets, especially doors and fronts, are premium options that are worth the extra cost. These cabinets last longer, are easily repainted and refinished whenever you like, and can handle heavier weight limits thanks to their sturdy construction. Unusual material options include stainless steel cabinets that wipe clean and install quickly.

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