Fifteen Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Watch in 2023 

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Kitchens aren’t just for cooking. We all know that kitchens are the hub of the home.

From impressive open-plan designs and focusing on sustainability, experts have decided on the trends we expect to see in 2023. Whether you’re hoping to make minor changes or transform your kitchen into something brand new this year, it’s the perfect time for a modern upgrade. From painting cabinets, changing out the backsplash, and even rearranging your layout, the pros at Ken Spears Construction share seven top kitchen remodeling trends for the new year! 

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Design trends come and go, and some genuinely revolutionary ideas often remain for years. In 2023, the top treasured trends are timeless looks that’ll make any kitchen setting shine! If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, gather your design ideas, and our team can help you choose the right look for your space.

1. Unique Hardware

Ken Spears Construction 2023 Kitchen Trends

You can instantly add a touch of timeless sophistication by introducing rich metalwork accents to custom drawers, doors, and shelving. Dark colors and mixed materials remain hugely popular in creating an inviting atmosphere that brings a little refinement to your kitchen cabinetry. We’re also giving our kitchens a modern aesthetic by blending multiple finishes! Combine brass, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel for an eclectic look.

2. Bold Cabinet Finishes

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

In 2023, homeowners will take creative risks, combining striking cabinetry colors and unexpected finishes. Brighten up your home with the vibrant trend of colorful cabinetry! From intense hues to delicate pastels, these striking cabinets can inspire a daring design statement.

3. Functional Butcher Block Kitchen Islands

Ken Spears Kitchen Project

A butcher-block island is a must for any stylish and functional kitchen. Think warm tones to bring that “homey” feel, additional storage space for larger appliances, and an opening for a mini fridge tucked away inside! Not only does it serve as a beautiful centerpiece, but it also provides a place for chopping vegetables for dinner, prepping ingredients, or kneading dough.

4. Drawers Aplenty

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Grabbing the step stool to get to your dishes and crouching down to grab a pot may be all in the past! The future is all about kitchen drawers. Pull out these modernized, easy-glide drawers and use drawer organizers to store anything from dishes to cookware.

5. Simple Slabs Make Bold Statements

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Simple yet luxurious marble has a significant moment in the kitchen for backsplashes and countertops. They are easy to clean and make kitchens stunning! Marble is the star of modern kitchens, adding timeless sophistication to any space.

6. Furniture Doubling as Cabinetry

Ken Spears Kitchen Remodel Project

Transform your bland kitchen cabinets into something stunning with the latest trend of giving them a furniture feel! Use pieces such as farmhouse tables or vintage desks to serve as your kitchen island for an impressive look.

7. Stepping Up the Pantry

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Forget the ordinary pantry. Adding a concealed butler’s pantry gives you extra storage and great functionality in an entire room hidden behind custom cabinetry.

8. Let the Sunshine In

Kitchen Remodel Island

An expansive wall of windows provides a great focal point. We will see kitchens that optimize natural light and feature sliding frames that open to a beautiful outdoor space.

9. Keeping Clutter at Bay

kitchen remodel white custom cabinets

Kitchen organization is a top priority. It keeps your kitchen spotless and makes cooking more efficient. Keep the chaos at bay by moving appliances out of sight.

10. Moving the Range

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Homeowners are finding alternatives to the traditional wall-mounted range and vent hood. They will experiment with island cooktops with downdraft installation, giving the cook a chance to socialize with the family.

11. Mixing it Up

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

We’re looking forward to seeing kitchens mixing a wide variety of materials. Think vintage wood paired with stone and ceramic surfaces.

12. Heavy Metal is Popular

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

This kitchen trend is a shining example of 2023’s interior design revolution! With stainless-steel cabinets, counters, and even entire kitchens available in various finishes like brushed, mirrored, laser-printed, or matte – this sleek yet welcoming look isn’t just minimal but adds character.

13. Matte is the New Black

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Not feeling the shine of metal? Consider matte black. Black brings boldness and depth to any interior. As a robust base or accent, you can use this darkest hue for creative layering – especially when paired with other colors that provide contrast. The coming year will offer plenty of opportunities to make the most of your kitchen palette with on-trend tones ranging from deep blacks mixed dreamily against woody neutrals.

14. Sustainability is Key

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Homeowners consciously prioritize sustainability during kitchen renovations, incorporating sustainable features like LED bulbs and energy-efficient appliances. Not only is this the environmentally responsible choice – it can also result in significant long-term cost savings!

15. Going High-Tech

Ken Spears Construction Kitchen Trends 2023

Homeowners are bringing their kitchens into the 21st century with sleek docking stations, wireless speakers, and stereo systems. Many are upgrading their faucets featuring water-efficient technology and touchless activation, while others opt for appliances that integrate Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone or tablet controls.

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