Summer or Fall? When Is the Best Time to Remodel?

You’ve probably heard people say that “timing is everything.” But is that true when it comes to remodeling your Fox Valley home? Is one time of year better than another to give your home a new look and feel? If you’re considering a remodel, is summer the time to do it or should you wait until the fall. When is the best time to remodel?

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Summer Advantages

If you choose to remodel in the summer, you generally have the weather on your side. You’re less likely to lose construction days to inclement weather or to run into weather-related shipping problems.

Remodeling can be a dusty business. Both deconstruction (the removing of existing structures) and construction are activities that generate a fair amount of dirt and dust. It can be an advantage to having a window or two open during the process.  Of course, we do our best to keep our remodeling sites clean no matter when we’re working. It’s why we use BuildClean technology—a dust control system that minimizes the movement of dust throughout your home. 

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Another advantage to summertime remodeling (especially if you’re remodeling your kitchen) is that you can probably eat outside more easily. It may even give you a chance to hone your grilling skills.

If you’re doing an outdoor improvement—such as adding a deck or a pergola, you’ll be able to enjoy it right away, instead of having to wait for the weather to cooperate.

If you have a remodeler that you trust, you can even arrange to have some of the work done while you’re away on vacation. We’ve been serving the DeKalb, Geneva, and Batavia area for more than 35 years. And we are fully insured—including workmen’s compensation on all employees and liability insurance to provide you with peace of mind. 

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Fall Advantages

Fall is a popular time to remodel. The weather generally remains pretty good through mid-fall, so you’ll enjoy some of the same benefits that summer offers. An additional advantage is that the kids are back in school, so remodeling is less disruptive to their schedules. 

If you’re thinking about a remodel now, scheduling it for the fall gives you the time you need to think through what you really want from your project, get your finances arranged, and educate yourself about the remodeling process. Here’s a post that explores those considerations in a bit more detail. Taking the time to think through your remodeling project is a key step toward getting the results you want.

Many homeowners want to remodel their homes in order to enjoy them over the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas in particular). By starting the process in the early fall, they avoid the stress of having the project go down to the wire right before the holidays. That leaves them with plenty of time to arrange the room(s) and even decorate them ahead of time.

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Your Needs Determine the Best Time

Is there really a “bad” time to remodel? As long as you leave yourself enough time to plan, design, and actually do the physical remodeling, there really isn’t a bad time to remodel. Your specific needs are what really drives the best time to start your project. As a full-service design-build remodeler we can help you think through your needs, design the right solution, and complete your project to your specifications. And because the same team is involved in the design and the building, we can give you a more accurate schedule—and a more exact estimate for the cost.

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Greg is the President as well as the production coordinator for Ken Spears Construction and loves helping others improve their lives and space with modern, beautiful spaces. Some of his favorite home construction memories include all of the different people he’s gotten to work with throughout the years.

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